Different Bridges, Different Paint

While the majority of our steel truss bridges are fabricated from atmospheric corrosion resistant uncoated weathering steel, there are times when a painted finish is desired. For these applications, Pioneer Bridges offers multiple paint systems and a wide range of color options.

 Leesburg-AL (6x40 Expedition)

All Pioneer Bridges are sand blasted prior to receiving any coating.
The sand blasting is done in accordance with Steel Structures Painting Council Surface Preparation Specification (SSPC SPC-6) “Commercial Blast Cleaning”.
The standard paint system used in normal conditions is an epoxy primer followed by an aliphatic urethane gloss enamel topcoat.

 Palm Coast (resized)

In harsher climates, a more elaborate paint system can be utilized.  This system consists of an organic zinc-rich epoxy primer coat which provides the primary corrosion protection for the steel.


The epoxy intermediate coat provides a moisture barrier and adds physical protection to the primer.
The final coat is an aliphatic urethane topcoat that forms an additional moisture barrier with long-term color and gloss retention as well as resistance to “chalking” caused by exposure to sunlight.

 San Leandro - CA (4 - 10x87) - 4

All of our paint systems are applied by experienced painters in our climate controlled painting facility.

San Leandro - CA (4 - 10x87)

Pioneer Bridges has received the Sophisticated Paint Endorsement from the American Institute of Steel Construction quality control program
which ensures that the bridge is painted to the highest standards in the industry.