Cornerstone Style Steel Bridge


Pioneer Bridge: Cornerstone



Pioneer Bridges: Cornerstone style steel bridge utilizes a modified bow truss with a curved top chord and a flat bottom chord. The bridge deck can be cambered (curved slightly) to match the top chord or flat to match the bottom chord. The Cornerstone style steel bridge is perfect for projects requiring a long span bridge with limited approach space.

The truss height varies to allow a low abutment backwall while still maintaining maximum truss depth at the center. This style is popular because the cambered floor option allows a constant rail height for an unobstructed view over the top chord. The Cornerstone style is perfect for longer spans up to 200 feet.

Select the Cornerstone when you need:

  • Smooth arches 
  • To cover longer spans of up to 200 feet
  • To transverse waterways 


Pioneer Bridges Cornerstone Design Drawing 

Pioneer Bridges Typical Abutment

Pioneer Bridges Installation Instructions