Steel Bridge for Linear Park Trail’s Equestrian and Pedestrian Traffic

Steel Bridges, Icons of Rail to Trails

In Davie, Florida at the corner of Orange Drive and 106th Avenue an iconic steel bridge serves as a safe passage for equestrian, pedestrian, and cyclist traffic on the Linear Park Trail. The area has a strong equestrian community therefore it was only natural that the color choice for the bow truss steel bridge was Palomino.


steel bridge equestrian

Pioneer Bridge’s steel bridge for pedestrian and equestrian traffic on the Linear Park Trail


The steel bridge connects the north and south sides of the trail system. The Linear Park Trail provides natural recreational opportunities in the metro area of south Florida.


Across the country, the trend is growing to convert old transportation beds into trail systems for a variety of users from equestrians to pedestrians to cyclists. However, since several of railroad systems have been out of service for years, so has the maintenance. Often project managers find that the bridges need to be replaced for safety and aesthetic reasons.


Park systems can benefit from the unique branding opportunity that the right style of bridge offers when it is used as an iconic symbol of their trails. Steel bridges are a way to draw attention to the trail while also solving the problem of safely traversing roadways and ravines.


Steel bridge for Rails to Trails project,

Steel bridge for Rails to Trails project,


Pioneer Bridges steel bridges can be seen throughout the United States including the Katy Trail in Missouri, Greenway Trail in Indianapolis, Indiana, and, of course, the Linear Park Trail in Davie, Florida.


The Linear Park Trail connects over 100 miles of trails of the trail system. Serving a wide audience of equestrians, pedestrians, and cyclists, the Linear Trail Park Trail has great views and multiple places for constituents to take a break in a pavilion or spend time along the canal bank.

steel bridge

Pioneer Bridge steel bridge being installed along Linear Park Trail in Davie, Florida

On both sides of the bridge, the 20-foot wide asphalt trail transitions to a poured in place concrete ramp that tapers to the concrete decking of the bridge.


Even though everything went well, it didn’t all go as planned, “On our end, we had a permitting problem and needed time to resolve it,” said Keith Purcell, project manager with the Town of Davie, Florida. “Pioneer Bridges was understanding and easy to work with. They stored the bridge for us for 6 months while we resolved the issues with the permits.”




Steel Bridges Provide Safer Route


Pioneer Bridges’ Steel Bridge


A Safe Pedestrian Route to School


Our Trailblazer steel bridge is an aesthetically pleasing pedestrian bridge that

allows communities to connect without the need to travel on busy roads.



Our steel bridge in Cabot is nine-feet wide and 150-feet long. The steel bridge provides safe passage for children attending Magness Creek Elementary in Cabot, Arkansas.


Funded by grant money, Pioneer Bridges’ steel bridge allows for children to safely cross over a busy highway.


Being nine feet wide and with a concrete deck, the steel bridge is friendly to pedestrian traffic and can handle emergency vehicles. This new access point is expected to reduce emergency response times to the school and community.


Pioneer Bridges’ steel bridges are used by communities, rails to trails, parks, golf courses, businesses, and highway departments.

Bridge for Monon Greenway in Indiana


The Monon Greenway serves pedestrian and bicycle traffic utilizing an abandoned railroad for recreational purposes.


The Greenway unites the Monon trail between the Indiana cities of Carmel and Westfield and a Pioneer Bridge was used to provide improved safety for users of the trail.


The bridge was needed to provide separation for the Monon pedestrian traffic from the recently reconstructed 146th Street.


The Pioneer steel truss bridge was designed to resemble an older railroad structure that pays homage to the history of the Monon corridor.  The main span over the street incorporates acrylic panels as a safety barrier instead of commonly used wire mesh.


Westfield Mayor Andy Cook said at the grand opening, “The completion of the bridge not only provides a safe crossing across a very busy thoroughfare, but also builds on Westfield’s goal of creating trail connectivity throughout the city and Hamilton County.  The bridge is a great example of local government entities partnering together to provide a valuable resource for residents.”





Different Bridges, Different Paint

While the majority of our steel truss bridges are fabricated from atmospheric corrosion resistant uncoated weathering steel, there are times when a painted finish is desired. For these applications, Pioneer Bridges offers multiple paint systems and a wide range of color options.

 Leesburg-AL (6x40 Expedition)

All Pioneer Bridges are sand blasted prior to receiving any coating.
The sand blasting is done in accordance with Steel Structures Painting Council Surface Preparation Specification (SSPC SPC-6) “Commercial Blast Cleaning”.
The standard paint system used in normal conditions is an epoxy primer followed by an aliphatic urethane gloss enamel topcoat.

 Palm Coast (resized)

In harsher climates, a more elaborate paint system can be utilized.  This system consists of an organic zinc-rich epoxy primer coat which provides the primary corrosion protection for the steel.


The epoxy intermediate coat provides a moisture barrier and adds physical protection to the primer.
The final coat is an aliphatic urethane topcoat that forms an additional moisture barrier with long-term color and gloss retention as well as resistance to “chalking” caused by exposure to sunlight.

 San Leandro - CA (4 - 10x87) - 4

All of our paint systems are applied by experienced painters in our climate controlled painting facility.

San Leandro - CA (4 - 10x87)

Pioneer Bridges has received the Sophisticated Paint Endorsement from the American Institute of Steel Construction quality control program
which ensures that the bridge is painted to the highest standards in the industry.